Asset Protection Dashboard

Enhanced monitoring to protect against asset strikes.

Although accidental asset strikes are low in number, damage to critical underground cables and pipes caused by streetworks activities result in significant costs. They can also represent a threat to security and public safety.

Already being utilised by National Grid Electricity Transmission and Hibernia Networks, Elgin's Asset Protection Dashboard alerts utility operators when streetworks are planned within close proximity of their asset network, providing enhanced monitoring capability to protect against strikes and near misses caused by roadworks activity.

  • Enables pre-emptive protection against potential damage to networks caused by construction and repair activity
  • Reinforces resiliency of underground network infrastructure
  • Can avoid significant costs of asset strikes
  • Decreases risk of service disruption due to asset strikes
  • Lowers threat to public safety due to asset strikes
  • Encourages coordinative dialogue with works promoters and Local Highway Authorities on when and where works take place

The tool combines an easy-to-use dashboard and email alerts facility. This is underpinned by a map-based clash detection system, which overlays the national streetworks database with utility GIS records.

Complementing the Roadworks Report App, the Asset Protection Dashboard is available for streetworks industry professionals within the environment of operational apps and services.

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