Effective coordination of roadworks and streetworks by Highway Authorities and works promoters, whether Highway Authorities or Utilities’ own teams or contractors, can significantly reduce disruption and costs.

It can maximise opportunities to undertake as many different works as possible at once or consecutively - reducing the number of openings in the road, along with avoiding unnecessary occupation and duration. It can also ensure damage to underground assets is minimised. Efficient coordination It is also one of the most important aspects of streetworks legislation.

Elgin offers tools to greatly facilitate works coordination, whether day-to-day works or specific, complex major projects, helping to reduce operational costs, maximise efficiencies and decrease disruption for residents, business and the travelling public.

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Highway Disruption Coordination Solutions

Bespoke solutions designed to facilitate the planning and coordination of roadworks and related planned activities that have the potential to disrupt major highway schemes and critical infrastructure projects, in particular for cross boundary, multi-works promoter or particularly complex projects.