Roadworks Report App

Data extraction tool to support improved planning and coordination.

The Roadworks Report App enables the download of roadworks and traffic interventions datasets, which can be manipulated offline for organisational analysis and reporting.

Designed to complement existing standalone Streetworks systems, the App enables reports on roadworks to be generated by area and date range. This can help to improve works planning, reporting and communication by providing an early warning system for major roadworks and other planned activities affecting roads in specified areas.

For Local Highway Authorities

  • The report tool covers all works within the LA boundary, including Highways England works. Users can quickly and easily run reports suitable for stakeholders and coordination purposes.

For Utilities and Contractors

  • The App gives access to all current and planned works nationally. As well as supporting better coordination in line with the "check before you book" ethos, it also enables strategic mid-term planning which needs to take account of third party road space occupancy, which can help minimise rejected applications.

Key features of the Roadworks Report App include

  • Simple web form completed via a secure web page
  • Data can be filtered by date range, likely traffic impact, Works Type, Works Promoter, road number/name, USRN, etc.
  • Ability to define required area in several ways, including drawing a polygon and by creating a "buffer zone" by distance from a planned excavation or existing assets
  • Report output in CSV file format

Complementing the Asset Protection Dashboard, the Roadworks Report App is available for streetworks industry professionals within the environment of operational apps and services. 

To download the Roadworks Report App product sheet, please click here.

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