• Traffic Management


A step change in the way traffic disruptions are communicated 

When a road is closed – either due to an emergency or because of planned roadworks –  in most cases the first time drivers find out about it is when they encounter a sign saying “Road Closed”, usually followed by a series of yellow “Diversion” signs which may or may not connect up to get the traveller back on track. In a world of sat nav technology, smartphones and access to dynamic information, an innovative solution was required fit for the 21st Century.

“It only takes a minute to create an emergency road closure and diversion route using the TM App.”

Iain Thornton, Ringway Island Roads, Isle of Wight

In response to this challenge, we developed the Traffic Management App.

TM App enables highway authority officers to plan and publish road closures and other disruptions with a few clicks of the mouse, instantly informing the public via the web and sat-nav devices. In the process, our technology is revolutionising the way traffic disruptions are communicated from official sources, making a difference to real world driver behaviour.

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