Highway Authorities

About 3 million roadworks take place every year, costing the UK economy an estimated £4.3 billion in congestion and other disruption to business and citizens. Traffic volumes are set to increase by 43% by 2040.

Government, at both local and national levels, is under immense pressure to optimise investment in and utilisation of the road network. Key to Highway Authorities’ agendas are:

  • Efficient coordination of roadworks at the planning stage
  • Fulfilling statutory obligations to disseminate accurate and authoritative information about current and planned disruptions
  • Diseminating informing on traffic disruptions to stakeholders such as residents, councillors, public transport operators and haulage companies
  • Influencing driver behaviour through better information, helping reduce congestion and improving journey times reliability

Prior to the development of roadworks.org, data was not easily accessible to view or to power intelligent systems that can help minimise roadspace occupancy, reduce traffic disruption and ensure the free flow of traffic. Achieving this in difficult economic times calls for better use of web-based technologies that can enable effective shared services and public “self-service”.

roadworks.org harvests data from over 95% of Local Highway Authorities across England and Wales. Combining traffic disruption information across both the strategic and local road networks, it is the only national authoritative source of roadworks information. The website publishes data on over 2.5 million roadworks and handles nearly 20 million 'hits' (hover overs, tool-tip look-ups & deep click-throughs) on roadworks per year - averaging over 55,000 a day and rising.

Based on this platform, Elgin has developed a suite of professional user applications to help Highway Authorities plan and execute traffic management interventions, maximise communication about them and support their wider network management duties. These services help to

  • save time and improve operational efficiency with streamlined working processes
  • facilitate co-operation and collaboration with utilities and contractors
  • improve access to information for residents and road users, lowering contact centre costs with increased self-service
  • promote best practise using innovative technology solutions in the ethos of 'digital by default'

Traffic Management App has transformed the way temporary road closures and other interventions are authorised, planned, coordinated and communicated.  Communications App, ensures Highway Authorities can communicate roadworks activities in a jargon-free, positive way. With the launch of our roadworks.pro Real-Time services, Highway Authority traffic management centres can now monitor the real-time imapct of roadworks on their network.

Explore the website or contact us to learn more about how roadworks.org services can achieve cost savings and process improvement though smarter planning, coordination and communication of roadworks.