Planned or unplanned roadworks, public events and incidents are one of the greatest contributors to traffic flow disruption and congestion.

With thousands of works happening at any one time, better visibility and where possible, advance warning to Traffic Control Centre, streetworks and network planning officers about issues on the road network is essential to minimise impact.

This information can also help stakeholders to better analyse and understand the cause of traffic jams and recognise their role in improving the planning and management of works.

Elgin now offers tools to monitor real-time disruptions caused by works across both urban and rural networks, supporting intelligent network management and development of more effective intervention strategies and policy, to help reduce congestion.

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Real-Time Map

Operational traffic monitoring map giving up-to-the-minute information on issues across the local and strategic road network, linking where possible the cause of disruption.

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Integrate UTMC systems to enhance real-time network monitoring and insight into the causes of congestion.