17 December 2014

Communicating weather disruptions on the roads

With the weather forecasters predicting unsettled weather and snow in the run-up to Christmas, Local Authorities will need to plan how they communicate with the public about the weather disruptions on their roads. For over fifty Authorities in England & Wales, this is no longer a concern.

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Users of Elgin’s Traffic Management App are plotting emergency closures and diversions, publicising winter gritting routes and communicating this in real-time via their Council websites and the national roadworks and communications hub roadworks.org.

Mobile devices are at the forefront of this communications revolutions with not only the public accessing the information via their smartphones, but Council staff using the TM App as they travel around their Local Authority areas plotting and publishing closures and diversion routes as they respond to emergency weather and other road incidents.

Stoke-on-Trent City Council uses mobile technology to access information, create road closures that lie across two Local Authority boundaries including diversion routes, and disseminate the information to the public instantly at the touch of a button and all at the roadside.

Shane O’Neill Chairman at Elgin commented:

"Getting winter emergency closures and diversion routes immediately published and syndicated to the public, to emergency services and to the wide variety of stakeholders who manage and maintain the road network, is absolutely critical to the Network Management Duty of Highway Authorities. It's now possible to do this from a mobile device on site and literally in real time!"



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