22 August 2017

Elgin and TomTom shortlisted for Highways Awards 2017

We are very proud to announce that Elgin and TomTom have been shortlisted for the Highways Awards 2017, with roadworks.org Pro Real-Time Traffic.

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The Highway Awards (formerly the Highways Excellence Awards), now in its fourteenth year, will once again showcase a host of innovative, collaborative, efficient, safe and sustainable highway schemes, teams, products and more.

Shortlisted  in the Award for the Best Use of New Technology in the Highways Industry 2017, roadworks.org Pro Real-Time Traffic, allows, for the first time, Traffic Managers and Works Promoters to monitor congestion caused by individual roadworks and traffic management interventions (such as road closures).

Road congestion is currently estimated to cost urban areas at least £11bn a year and is a significant threat to economic growth. It is also one of the major causes of increased CO2 emissions from transport, creating poorer air quality and reducing quality of living. This problem is set to worsen, with a predicted 30% increase by 2025. The reduction of congestion is a major aim for the Department of Transport, having been a focus for funding in the 2017 budget.

Highway Authorities may have several hundred or even thousands of active roadworks on their network on a typical day. roadworks.org Pro Real-Time Traffic provides a real-time filter, not only enabling resources to be focused on those activities that are causing the most congestion, but also enables alerts to trigger active interventions (e.g. altering traffic signal timings) when average speeds or delay times reach a certain threshold.

This service is unique and provides a single platform for the monitoring and communication of live traffic disruptions, along with a capability to influence driver behaviour through live sat-nav updates.

It supports intelligent real-time network management and active intervention strategies and with the information being so widely and instantly communicated, the result is better route decisions, fewer traffic disruptions, more reliable journey times and less congestion and associated pollution.

Winners will be announced at the Awards dinner on 18 October 2017.