30 April 2013

Elgin announces live traffic data & major deal with Nokia

The roadworks.org platform has been upgraded this week to include for the first time real-time incidents and accidents alerts, with live feeds from the Highways Agency, Transport for London, Transport Scotland and Traffic Wales.

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Elgin also announced its first deal with one of the major global SatNav players. A joint statement reads:

"Elgin and Nokia have entered into a long-term agreement, providing Nokia with data on more than 2 million road works per year. The roadworks.org data will further enhance the planned and unplanned incident information of HERE Traffic, Nokia’s premium real-time traffic service. HERE Traffic is available for the UK as well as 33 other countries."

Elgin Chairman Shane O’Neill said:

"The Elgin dream has been for roadworks.org to be the means by which local roadworks and traffic data can be transmitted and updated in real-time to wherever people get their information. The official roadworks data is still in control of the Highway Authorities, but adjusted to on-street reality by these extraordinarily powerful global transport integration applications. We are really excited by this cooperation with Nokia - and there is more to come!"



Elgin is responsible for the national roadworks portal formerly known as elgin.gov.uk and now re-launched as roadworks.org. It is a co-operative national enterprise, incorporating data from over 140 Local Highway Authorities, the Highways Agency and Transport for London and covering over 80% of England and Wales. It is a unique private sector organisation managing a public sector asset and assessed under agreed Public Data Principles.

For more information contact us on 0207 127 6955 or info@elgin.org.uk