30 September 2014

'The future of roadworks communication' initiative launched

Several of the leading players on all sides of the highways industry have come together in a major new initiative to communicate roadworks information to the public.

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National Grid Gas and Hertfordshire County Council are early adopters of Elgin's Communications (Comms) App and spoke at National HAUC to the launch the initiative.  The Comms App enables works Promoters to communicate roadworks information in real-time via Twitter, Facebook and QR codes.

The initiative has been enabled by the creation of a national database roadworks.org which now covers over 90% of England and Wales and publishes over 3 million works per year.  SOCITM in the Better Connected report identified roadworks.org as "the primary means of accessing roadworks information."

For the first time across the Streetworks industry there is a common communications platform which Local Highway Authorities, Utilities and their contractors can embed within their own services while retaining the wide syndication benefits of roadworks.org.

Suzanne Callington, Stakeholder & Customer Commercial Specialist, National Grid Gas commented,

"Elgin's Communications management App has helped us improve stakeholder communication, reduce the number of customer service enquiries from the public and increase our customer satisfaction rating.  All of which are central to National Grid Gas meeting its RIIO targets."

Andrew Hunt, Head of Innovation, Morrison Utility Services, who conduct over 25% of the UK's roadworks on behalf of the leading utility companies and helped to develop the Elgin's Communications initiative commented,

"Elgin's Communications App is a complete step change in the way Utilities communicate to the public - it transforms Streetworks communications!  Brilliantly, it does so without having to re-engineer present systems and workflows.  It is a huge advance in helping the utility sector to keep step with current social trends in information consumption."

Daniel Anderton of Ringway Hertfordshire's Integrated Transport Control Centre (ITCC) Manager, commented,

"If we want the public to consume and act upon our traffic and travel information it needs to be provided in easily digestible format, on a map that is intuitive to use and crucially operates on all mobile devices, so the public can access it at their convenience.  roadworks.org and the Communications App ticks all of those boxes."



To see live published examples of the new Communications App public facing information panels view National Grid Gas callouts on roadworks.org.  The images shows the administrator view with its capability to send out information in real-time via social media and to generate QR codes.

For more information contact us on info@elgin.org.uk or 0207 127 6955