12 February 2015

Huge increase in roadworks enquiries

Analysis of 2014 activity on roadworks.org reveals a dramatic increase in demand for detailed information about roadworks, which rose to nearly 7 million during 2014.

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The site, which the authoritative SOCITM Better Connected Report stated was “the primary means of accessing current roadworks information”, displayed information on over 2.5 million roadworks during 2014. Over 40% of the roadworks published received at least one enquiry over the last 12 months, whilst a large proportion received many hundreds.

Examples included:

  • A central government funded (Regional Growth Fund) major road improvement scheme, ‘Platform for Prosperity’ on Platform Road and Town Quay in Southampton received over 7000 enquiries
  • Routine maintenance for gully cleansing in Chesham, Buckinghamshire received over 4,000 enquiries and a major junction improvement scheme in Hyde, Central Bedfordshire received more than 3,000 enquiries

These figures indicate that there is a huge demand for more information about major schemes and routine maintenance that cause temporary traffic disruptions on a daily basis. Many of these enquiries have been self-served via roadworks.org and have helped to divert calls away from individual council and business call centres.

Elgin’s Communications App provides Local Highways Authorities with the facility to report on these individual metrics and adds transparency to clearly identify where there is a demand for more information. The web-based app also gives Local Highway Authorities the ability to enhance works information by adding letter drops and informative videos.

Please contact us if you want to know how many enquiries roadworks.org potentially diverted from your own customer call centre.



Elgin's roadworks.org is a communications hub for live and planned road and traffic information.  It has been cited by both central and local government as one of the most successful examples of shared public services and the opening up of public information.  For more information contact us on info@elgin.org.uk or 0207 127 6955.