24 March 2015

Symology / Elgin Interoperability

Symology and Elgin are working together to improve interoperability between the Insight Asset Management system and roadworks.org.

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Many local authorities use Insight for their asset management activities and publish street works and other highway information on the roadworks.org national website. Many LAs wish to share road closure and diversion route information across both systems for a variety of purposes.

Within Insight, users record and utilise road closures and diversions as part of the total asset management solution, both to manage the traffic order application process and for works co-ordination and conflict checking. Elgin’s Traffic Management App enables traffic disruptions to be managed not only by both street works teams but also others performing traffic management functions, e.g. real-time/emergency traffic diversions. While there is some overlap in functionality between the two systems, both our companies and our mutual clients recognise that they are in the main hugely complimentary. We aim to develop an interface between the two systems so that users can get the best from both systems without the overheads of double-keying data.

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