09 February 2015

Transforming the way that government buys digital

Elgin is pleased to announce that its cloud-based services are included in the G-Cloud 6 Framework.

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A host of different suppliers, including SMEs, are part of the framework in a bid to help drive savings in government IT by offering innovative, competitive alternatives to traditional ICT management.

According to the Cabinet Office:

"G-Cloud has been a resounding success, delivering a ground-breaking commissioning framework that provides businesses of all sizes the same opportunity to offer commodity cloud services to government. It has created a transparent and competitive market that has opened up barriers to entry for small and medium-size businesses."  (24 October 2014)

Elgin joins over 1,500 suppliers on the framework, 88% of which are SMEs. The intention being that more public sector ICT contracts can be let to smaller enterprises in a simpler and more transparent fashion, and thus delivering better value for money to the taxpayer.



Elgin's roadworks.org is a communications hub for live and planned road and traffic information.  It has been cited by both central and local government as one of the most successful examples of shared public services and the opening up of public information. For further information contact info@elgin.org.uk or call 0207 127 6955.