26 September 2017

Vélo Birmingham communicates road closures and re-openings in real-time

Vélo Birmingham communicates live road closures and re-openings using Traffic Management App in Real-Time mode.

Vélo Birmingham route map embedded in website

Vélo Birmingham

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Vélo Birmingham is the flagship event of the Birmingham Cycle Revolution and played host to 15,000 cyclists who took on the unforgettable 100-mile journey on Sunday 24 September. Due to the scale and numbers participating it was necessary to implement road closures across the full route to facilitate the safe passage of the participants.

To ensure this was done in the most effective way, Vélo Birmingham used Elgin’s Traffic Management App (TM App) operating in “Real-Time” mode to communicate live road closures and re-openings.

With nearly 50 road closures, as well as using the TM App to plot and publish all the plans, the organisers, CSM, provided minute-by-minute updates of closures and re-openings to sat-nav services such as Google Maps. These were also updated on the Vélo Birmingham website embedded route map, on roadworks.org and syndicated to a host of other websites and social media channels.

Andrew Taylor of CSM commented,

“The system proved to be vital in making sure residents and road users were aware and could prepare for road closures, especially as these happened across the full route. The fact that we were able to inform of live re-openings as soon as they happened and that this was communicated so widely ensured disruptions were kept to a minimum, which contributed greatly to the overall success of Vélo Birmingham."

Public event organisers, traffic management professionals and control room operators can signal the precise moment when road closures come into force and when roads are reopened. Within minutes anyone using Google Maps and other consumer services can see the change reflected on their device, reaching tens of thousands more affected citizens than is often reached by official websites.

This real-time technology gives traffic management officials the ability to reflect the situation on the ground onto the devices drivers and residents use for navigation and journey planning in real-time.

Elgin publishes closures and other disruption information on roadworks.org and syndicates data to hundreds of other websites and social media channels.