23 June 2016

Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council improves access to roadworks information

Wirral Council has signed up to roadworks.org, the national roadworks database for England & Wales, which allows members of the public to view full details of all roadworks with a single click.

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It has embedded the roadworks.org map into its own website, where people can find out if they are likely to encounter delays due to roadworks on any planned route.

The roadworks information panel advises viewers who is carrying out the works, when it is due to start and finish, the extent of any potential delay and contact details for the organisation responsible. It will also show any diversion routes to show motorists how best to move around potential delays.

Cllr Stuart Whittingham, Cabinet member for Highways and Infrastructure, said:

“This represents a massive forward step for the Council in delivering on our promise to develop a transport network and systems that are fit for the future. Being part of this system will keep Wirral moving while the council and the various utility companies carry out essential and planned improvements and repairs. It will also help the council in coordinating works better so that any potential disruption is kept to an absolute minimum. The advantages of being able to look on a map and see where roadworks are taking place or are planned are obvious and I think this will prove very popular and useful with residents and an extremely useful tool for the council and our partners.”

roadworks.org, developed by Elgin, is a unique, authoritative information resource for the public and the primary tool for streetworks and traffic management professionals. It enables better coordination and planning of activities that cause disruption to traffic and residents, helps reduce congestion and keeps the public informed, while reducing costs for public bodies.



roadworks.org is the national roadworks database for England & Wales. It is the largest syndicated network of roadworks and traffic management information in the UK and has enabled the public to self-serve over 14.5 million enquiries on roadworks and traffic incidents in the past 12 months. For further information please contact Elgin at info@elgin.org.uk or 0207 127 6955.