Data Services

Integrating roadworks and traffic disruption data into applications and supporting data-driven decision-making

Integrating and supporting data

Elgin offers a range of data and API services to support customers who need to integrate roadworks, road closures and other traffic disruption data into their applications, or to produce business analytics reports.

Data service

Data Services options

Data APIs

National roadworks and traffic disruption data to power a wide range of applications.


Independent data analytics to measure streetworks performance and support decision-making.

Roadworks Report App

Data extraction tool to support improved planning and coordination.

Elgin aggregates data across the strategic and local road networks for the whole of Great Britain, bringing together data from over 200 public authorities and a similar number of utility companies and public events organisers.

Our aggregated dataset is unique, incorporating a national archive of historic roadworks, currently active disruptions including roadworks, incidents and public events, though to planned disruption information giving advanced notice of roadworks up to 3 months in the future.

Use Cases

Elgin Data Services are supporting a wide range of applications including:

  • Traffic control centre operations
  • Sat-nav services
  • Consumer journey planning and mapping apps
  • Streetworks planning and coordination
  • Collaboration between utilties to deliver permit fee reductions
  • Supply chain logistics
  • Retail planning

Elgin offers two types of data service:

Data Feed API

Elgin’s Roadworks and Traffic Disruptions API provides access to current and planned roadworks, incidents, major public events and temporary traffic management such as road closures, diversion routes, lane closures, etc. The data is available as a SOAP API conforming to the DATEX-II standard.

Subscribers to Traffic Management App have access to their TM interventions (closures and diversions) along with statutory roadworks data via a Data API.

Customised Data Services

A range of services can be provided tailored to customer needs. Elgin can provide batch downloads of historic roadworks data for analysis through to automated feeds of specific disruption data provided in the customer’s preferred format.

The categories of data available are: live incidents, roadworks and temporary traffic management interventions such as road closures and diversion routes.

For more details on the data content, please download the product sheet pdf using the link in the 'Find out more' section opposite. A full specification for the data schema and for the DATEX-II API can be provided on request.

Or, please contact us to discuss your data requirements in more detail.