Plan Share Add-on

The Plan Share Add-on offers the ability for traffic management plans to be handed off from one team to the next through the various stages of the works planning lifecycle. It even enables direct submission of a plan from a utility works promoter to the relevant Highway Authority for acceptance.

The Traffic Management App Plan Share Add-on is a cloud-based common platform to share and submit plans, that ensures a rapid feedback process with full audit trail and electronic approval, which is national in its scope. It offers

  • Increased operational efficiency with a reduced time to share and submit applications
  • Streamlined process with a reduction in repetitive paper processes and hand offs to other contractors
  • Cost savings due to increased application processing rate
  • Improved relationships with increased transparency and coordination between utilities, contractors and Local Highway Authorities
  • Reduction in rejected TM plans and penalties

User permissions can be configured to support almost any workflow, For example a TM plan might be set out in rough form at the pre-planning stage and developed into a full Chapter 8 layout by another team, TM Plan and PTS application form documents generated by a third team, and so on.

  • Seamlessly hand off plans to teams, internal or external, and submit to Highway Authorities
  • Give and receive feedback through the user-friendly chat function
  • See instantly when plans have been accepted by the Highway Authority
  • Full audit trail of all changes is retained

Available as an extension to the Traffic Management App, the Plan Share Add-on is available on desktop, tablets and smartphones for use on site and in the office. With an intuitive interface, operatives can become skilled after just two hours training. It further improves workflows, communication both internally and externally and raises standards of traffic management planning process.

If you would like to know more about the Plan Share Add-on, please contact us.